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Monday, January 23, 2012

Most important 5 reasons why I like iGennie Services

 I am an event manager and regularly need to surf the internet and my Apple Mac book Pro laptop is always to my bosom as not a single moment goes by without it. It has by and now taken the shape of a tech urn. It’s almost overflowing with my client details, employee details, accounts and personal stuff. And one day my laptop ditched me when I needed it the most, it first got struck by the Blue Windows screen . Later to my awe! My data were all lost. Bewildered at its untimely demise, I went on call the tech services just to gem’ me out of this hitch. But, after attempting several experiments on my system three of the tech support service providers nodded their head leaving me in a deeper trouble. I was irritated to the extreme. I was wrecked and felt like insane. Then my niece advised me to get in touch with a tech service provider by the name of iGennie who can provide apt Mac Support. I took it to be an addition to the miserable list of IT Tech Support providers whom I had already experienced. But still I decided to give iGennie a chance and oh dear! My laptop was to its previous self and operating swift as an arrow. Amazed at their prompt service I also got my Dell printer driver reinstalled and updated. I just bless my niece and the techy guy who came to my rescue.

I am very satisfied with the services provided by iGennie. Any issues just dial the toll free number and you would praise the guys as I am doing now. Must be wondering what is so special about this company? To the best of my knowledge, iGennie is an online technical support provider that has the ability to handle any computer issue with full efficiency. I can rather list five best traits of iGennie that impressed me the most:
• iGennie Certified Engineers are trained to deal with software and hardware issues.
• They diagnose the issue and explain it to you and then start working on it.
• They remotely access your system and hardly take much time to get the issue resolved.
• You can avail their service at any point of emergency as they are available 24/7 all year round.
• The proficient technicians can provide comprehensive tech support over various brands and products for which they download, install, configure, update upgrade and perform several other important roles.
These cheerful souls are ever ready to get you out of your computer generated troubles and advise the best for your system. They have provided adept Mac Support and helped my niece with her Apple product and along with it an apt Email support was also offered to her. Unlike the money sucking leeches, they offer you only legitimate and genuine service and do what they say other than making dumb promises. Computer issues can be any, be it Printer error or driver error or just any Tom Dick and Harry, iGennie has an answer to all.
So rather than going for any trial and error, you can for once confide in iGennie and I bet you would confide in it for all. Though I sound biased but it’s just an honest declaration as iGennie tech experts had helped me recover my lost data and I could accomplish my task that gave me a lot of name and fame. I really owe it all to the iGennie technical service provider. Keep up good work guys!

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