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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I protected my pc to blue screen and stop to shutdown unexpectedly

I am a teacher by profession and often need to prepare lesson plans over my laptop. I am a computer savvy and never faced challenge in accessing my system until few days back when my computer took hiccups and finally stopped messing my entire lesson plan. It was Windows Blue Screen that my system seemed to have encountered. After a restart I typed the whole lesson plan and before I could send it to the respective email addresses, the issue occurred again. Since then it popped up time and again in regular intervals flashing the error-code-0x000000D1. This BSOD doomed my lesson plan and my reputation as a prudent and punctual teacher.

I Googled to get hold of a perfect solution to get rid of this nagging BSOD error but to my awe! none of the measures worked. Initially, I thought restarting the system would solve the blue screen error but several restarts were all unworthy. Being fed up of this recurring issue I failed to understand the issue having least in depth computer knowledge. It seemed that my computer has encountered multiple issues. As I called for a Computer repair officer, he confused me all the more giving me a list of issues that my dear computer had already encountered. He repaired my system and took a handsome amount for his service. Though I felt the amount was unreasonable but had no option other than paying off. But after a day or two the issue started cropping up all over again.

This Windows 7 BSOD was really troubling me at this point of time. My system was donned up with various spyware application, when the issue but when the issue continued I deleted most of my new programs except for Symantec. Now I again started googling to find out the probable reason behind it and finally came to know about the Tech Support service provider iGennie. I dialed their toll free number and a fine and humble voice came to my rescue. I told them the actual issue that I was facing. I told him that often my system hangs up, showing a bsod error codes which notifies about a problem that was detected and that Windows was shutdown to protect the system, and at times flashes a blue screen error that says-“ error-code-0x000000D1 ”.

The guy initially explained me why do the bsod error codes generally crop up. According to him "Windows Blue Screen of Death", Bug error or Stop error, is quite a common issue that often comes up with Windows based systems. The symptom being a rapid system hang up chased by the blue coloring of the screen pixels further showing some alphanumeric message that tells you that your system has encountered a Blue Screen or BSOD. But the cause behind it may actually be quite complicated. The inherent reason may occur out of hardware, software or even driver failure. Hence a BSOD fix is a must.

I was actually amazed at the service the iGennie technical expert provided, he accessed my system remotely diagnosed the real issue and other internal tit bit issues and got the BSOD repaired and left my system more optimized than before. This he did in not more than 20 minutes. I was really impressed. From the adept technician I came to know that the technical experts of iGennie are available 24/7 and 365 days. They have an array of well trained and technical experts highly equipped to deal with any kind of minor and major issues and provide apt computer repair services. They not only diagnose the root cause of the issue but also provide swift and prompt fixing services accordingly.

I was so impressed with their efficient tech services that I recommend their services to my friends and acquaintances. Now the BSOD issue never reappeared since then. Their tuning up my computer has let me enjoy a real fast and swift and hassle free computing experience like never before. I could retain my previous image of being punctual and prompt in my services as with the iGennie tech experts. So, my piece of advice would be - any problem, just call the tech magicians of iGennie and find your issues disappearing.

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