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Monday, January 23, 2012

Most important 5 reasons why I like iGennie Services

 I am an event manager and regularly need to surf the internet and my Apple Mac book Pro laptop is always to my bosom as not a single moment goes by without it. It has by and now taken the shape of a tech urn. It’s almost overflowing with my client details, employee details, accounts and personal stuff. And one day my laptop ditched me when I needed it the most, it first got struck by the Blue Windows screen . Later to my awe! My data were all lost. Bewildered at its untimely demise, I went on call the tech services just to gem’ me out of this hitch. But, after attempting several experiments on my system three of the tech support service providers nodded their head leaving me in a deeper trouble. I was irritated to the extreme. I was wrecked and felt like insane. Then my niece advised me to get in touch with a tech service provider by the name of iGennie who can provide apt Mac Support. I took it to be an addition to the miserable list of IT Tech Support providers whom I had already experienced. But still I decided to give iGennie a chance and oh dear! My laptop was to its previous self and operating swift as an arrow. Amazed at their prompt service I also got my Dell printer driver reinstalled and updated. I just bless my niece and the techy guy who came to my rescue.

I am very satisfied with the services provided by iGennie. Any issues just dial the toll free number and you would praise the guys as I am doing now. Must be wondering what is so special about this company? To the best of my knowledge, iGennie is an online technical support provider that has the ability to handle any computer issue with full efficiency. I can rather list five best traits of iGennie that impressed me the most:
• iGennie Certified Engineers are trained to deal with software and hardware issues.
• They diagnose the issue and explain it to you and then start working on it.
• They remotely access your system and hardly take much time to get the issue resolved.
• You can avail their service at any point of emergency as they are available 24/7 all year round.
• The proficient technicians can provide comprehensive tech support over various brands and products for which they download, install, configure, update upgrade and perform several other important roles.
These cheerful souls are ever ready to get you out of your computer generated troubles and advise the best for your system. They have provided adept Mac Support and helped my niece with her Apple product and along with it an apt Email support was also offered to her. Unlike the money sucking leeches, they offer you only legitimate and genuine service and do what they say other than making dumb promises. Computer issues can be any, be it Printer error or driver error or just any Tom Dick and Harry, iGennie has an answer to all.
So rather than going for any trial and error, you can for once confide in iGennie and I bet you would confide in it for all. Though I sound biased but it’s just an honest declaration as iGennie tech experts had helped me recover my lost data and I could accomplish my task that gave me a lot of name and fame. I really owe it all to the iGennie technical service provider. Keep up good work guys!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did your mailbox deliver only SPAM emails?

Most of the e-mail account holders are fed-up of the regularly overflowing SPAM mails in your mailbox. The viruses camouflage as spam mails and take a cozy place in the inbox looking for loopholes to enter and spread in your system. Hence, a Spam protection program is required to stop the Spam from trespassing. Spam gushes in and engulfs the Internet with messages that are often duplicates of each other and dominate with their increasing population and tempt people to peep into the content. The spam messages generally consist of commercial advertisements of fake products often very lucrative for common man. For example, ‘Get easy money’, ‘you are rich now’, ‘You have won a lottery’, ‘You are offered a job and a handsome salary’ and many such mails that give the impression of being money-spinning. These messages are sent at heaps as the sender has to spare just a few pennies but on the contrary the recipients or the message carriers bear the maximum expense.
The subtle impact of Spam is a concern and has to bear a considerable expense and implement means to keep the Spam in control. The Email Spam spurs through direct mail messages and is designed to create impact on individual users. Various anti spam protection programs are brought to use to block undue entrance of spam messages. Spam adversely affects the computer. An adept protection from spam should be implemented because phishers victimize computer users through scams and consequently result in identity theft. Spam can carry viruses that will infect your computer. Mail spam protection is a necessity also because spam controls over the bandwidth, thereby leaving you wretched as you can hardly receive the genuine emails you would prefer to read. You can always go for tech support services to do away with your spam mails by letting them install and run the spam protection programs. Few easy steps can save you from falling prey to spam messages:
1. Run and install spam filtering/blocking software:
Anti-spam protection software or programs scrutinizes the incoming emails and sieves out the spam from genuine messages. The filtering software applications are developed in such a way that it efficiently recognizes and spots spam, or odious emails, and stop them before they can trespass your inbox. Email filters may not be 100% effective, but it can be an efficient mode of defense if you can, frequently review the junk or spam folder and delete messages.
2. Avoid answering susceptible mails:
It is suggested for protection from spam, a message that looks susceptible and embodies the traits of a spam, should not be entertained, rather should be just discarded or deleted. Do not click on or open any attachments or links as your response only provides them with the details of your email address which can prove to be malicious.
3. Create complex email names and also create a disposable email address:
Do not use common names or easily traceable names which can be easily tracked by the advanced programs designed by the evil minds to grab your personal details. As an anti-spam protection method, use numbers, letters and special characters in the email addresses to make it complicated and hence, difficult to crack. Also create a secondary -- or disposable -- email address or a free web email account meant for public exposure. Use this Email address while registering to any web services or subscribing for online newsletters.
4. Prefer viewing in plain text and Report spam:
This step can be an aid in avoiding the flood of spam mails, select the ‘main menu’ of your email program, then select ‘Preferences’ and finally choose ‘read emails in plain text’. In case you are regularly receiving spam from a particular sender, take a note of the ISP of the spammer and report spam to prohibit it from further entry and even the spammer’s account may be terminated. Yet another alternative to it is lodge a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
5. Avoid posting links to email addresses on web sites:
Spammers have advance weapons like spam bots or web spiders that spots email addresses on web pages. In order to discharge their power, do not display the entire email address on any web site. You can rather display the email addresses in the form of images other than text or make use of contact forms.
In case you face any issue in implementing the above methods just get in touch with the Tech Support providers and get their suggestions and help in keeping your inbox spick and span. In spite of spam being illegal and illegitimate, still such redundant emails continue to heap up adding to the miseries of online users. You can go for the computer repair service providers to guide you through the process of safeguarding your computer from virus and spam attacks.

Are you facing lots of error with your printer - How to fix

Printer being an essential peripheral of the computer, a user cannot afford to have his printer error stricken and out of use for any period of time. Printers generally fall victim to common bugging errors ceasing it to work. Errors like ("not enough disk space", wrong driver issues, printer spooler error etc.) brings it to a halt, but few tricks and tips can turn your printer from a foe to a friend. Though some issues seem to be insurmountable, yet they can be solved through simple procedures.

An error Printer generally turns so due to certain issues that arise with time and can be dissolved using petty tricks. In case the issues are stubborn and your tricks do not work, just get in touch with a Tech Support service provider and get your issues fixed. Below are few ways to resolve few common printer issues that you can try to solve the issues all by yourself:

1. Paper jam issues

Paper jams are the result of one or more sheets of paper being wedged in the feeding or printing region of the printer. A simple solution to it is nothing but a gentle gesture in removing the jammed paper and reset the printer.

2. Low ink levels.

In cartridges are alleged to run dry in quick intervals. If printer appears to be printing but no output is visible, Ink might be the factor to be blamed. Again it has a simple fixing method that is just taking the effort to replace the cartridge and start printing all over again.

3. A clogged print head.

In case you are aware that the paper jam or cartridge ink isn’t the issue behind the printer not working, the issue might be lying in the print head which might be clogged. To resolve the issue:

• Go to "Control Panel”

• Click on “Printer”

• Right Click on “Properties” then select “Maintenance”

• Finally click on “Clean Cartridges" to attempt to clean the print head.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers and software applications:

In case the above three problems doesn’t stand relevant to the issue, the user can uninstall and reinstall the printer and software to wave off the irksome software issues, errors or conflicts. For more problematic errors one can always summon for the online computer support services professionals.

5. Error:”Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)”

This printer error code is again generated out of the hardware device drivers. The error that irrupts is either the result of your printer not having been connected to the computer or your device driver software is to be blamed for preventing the printer to correspond to your computer. Firstly one should take into consideration as to whether the printer cable is properly connected in the either devices of the printer and the computer system. Then make sure that the printer powered is switched on. If everything is in place and the error persists, it is necessary to perform an update or uninstall and reinstall the existing driver to fix resolve the error. Follow the simple procedure:

• Go to “Start”, and then click on “Run”. Here you need to type “sysdm.cpl” and the hit “Enter”.

• As the “System Properties” dialog box opens, navigate to the “Hardware” tab and click on the “Device Manager” button.

• As the “Device Manager” window opens find your printer and then double-click o it.

• Click on the “Driver” tab and then to install the updated driver files choose the “Update driver” button. In case you prefer to remove the current driver, just click on the “Uninstall button”.

6. Error: ˜Spoolsv.exe – Application Error. The instruction at “0x77fcc2c0″ referenced memory at “0×00000000. The memory could not be written.”

An ample accumulation of .SHD and .SPD printer spooler files within the spool folder of the printer results in this spool printer error to occur. Below are few ways to tidy up the spooler folder with the steps below:

• Go to “Start” then select “Run”, type in “Services.msc” and hit Enter.

• Now right-click on the “Print Spooler services” which is within the “Services management console” window, and then choose the “Stop” command.

• Next, open “Windows Explorer” and navigate to “C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers printer spool folder”.

• Now, select all files within this folder and delete all.

• Delete all unnecessary files from the “temp” folder.

• Finally, open the “Services management console” window again and then restart the “Print Spooler service”.

7. Printer errors also occur due to registry problems and malware infections.

To keep errors on printer at bay, one can also run a registry scan using a registry cleaner tool to diagnose and fix registry errors. Then, run a complete system scan by means of an updated antivirus program and antispyware tool so that your system is unaffected of any malware intrusion.

Apart from these issues a printer error can be of multiple traits that affect your printing necessities often at the time of urgencies. If your issue persists get in touch with the online computer repair tech professionals and find your printer offering fine, smooth and effectively printing.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hacker’s have eye on your computer! Its spyware

 Hacking and Spyware protection is the call for the day for every out and out internet user. Data hacking and spyware is nothing new for the internet users. Hackers are dreaded by internet users but, literally hackers are not people who keep keen eye on your details. Rather hackers are intelligent people who help organizations and government to extract required information as and when required and thus are people with a positive frame of mind. The people who actually spy on your data and information and try to acquire them wrongly are the cyber criminals. And for these wrong doers you face data theft. Thus, we need effective Tech Support to install software offering strong protection against spyware and data thieves who use the pseudonym of hackers. Using an effectively developed software, a roguish hacker very swiftly traces out and rob you of your sensitive information such as credit card details, pins, passwords, and various other monetary or private information. By the time you realize that you are robbed your bank account is completely drained out or even the weak students suddenly score marks much higher than expected or such other sudden instances surface.
PCs containing personal information have driven consumers to utter risk of identity theft like never before. Today you frequently need strong computer support services and advanced software to keep at bay, the hackers, spyware, and Trojan horse applications. A system is at a stake when Spyware and Trojan horse programs are revolving around to seek a loophole to enter. They both are a category of malevolent software applications that are better known as malware.
Spyware is a category of software that is installed on your system intentionally or unintentionally. It operates at the background of your system and spies over the different programs. It can be utilized to keep an eye on even your keystrokes and provide your login information to various websites. Apart from it all your internet activities are tracked, for example, the pages visited, transactions made, etc. Spyware are widely yet stealthily used to con you using your robbed identities.
These conning minds initially plot through annoying pop-up advertisements called ‘cookies’. These little files or the “cookies" gather details about you, your system, and websites you often stopover. They even survey your interests and disinterests through their spy tools and cookies that give a detailed account on the websites you hop about. Further they even download spying programs to steal important information. These Spyware removal programs help you stab and stop the malicious spyware programs from germinating. Get in touch of the tech support services and get your system armed by the spyware removal software programs.

Firewall effectively puts a stop to viruses, spyware, and malicious software. Even it checks entry of hacking attempts and other efforts to optimize computer system. One can don the firewall programs to restrict the flashing of "pop-up" or "pop-under" ads. But, the junks that are already within the system plays safe. These junks come in disguise of a key in the registry, a cookie, or a slyly running program. These malicious elements can over flow your inbox with emails insisting you to accept offers of Visa card, home re-mortgaged, and earning easy money. Your system can be a prey to virus attacks and even get hacked as easily as through your network card that is installed. It is proved that default Internet/Network configuration on any Windows machine enhances the risk of hacking and spyware attack.
Just some time ago it was a convention that your identity altered with every next time you dialed in to your ISP and hence, hacking was could be prevented. But the recent analysis depicts that risk soars high with people staying longer on-line as that allow hacking tools to get better. Hence, a not so protected machine can be accessed and hacked in no time. Just get in contact with the technical support service providers and let them guide you to opt for the most suitable firewall and the best spyware removal software application. The tech support can suggest you the best firewall developed to benefit both beginners as well as advanced users.

Don't wait until it's too late, Keep your data protected

Data and records whether personal, official or professional bears utter importance to the concerned individual or business. When lost, at times it is unrecoverable. So, it is evident that negligence in case of Data Security is often penalizing. Data loss is a major concern for every computer user unless any effective data security measure is implemented. Hence, it’s advisable, to imply a Data security and PC protection program and not to keep waiting until a havoc data loss occurs leaving you bewildered.
Presently it is observed that highly confidential data, both personal and official are often stored digitally or in computer storage devices. Today one cannot afford to make mistakes with their private data. Hence, encryption and file protection is today’s call. In spite of being aware of anti-virus protection and on-line security programs, protection for the confidential stored information is often taken for granted.
Personal computers are most widely used for generously storing data and information in the form of files, folders, photos, songs, films, or even eBooks. No sooner than a hard drive malfunctions, the complete data storage turns, blank, apart from getting your computer repair. Before you are at such a mess, get exposed to the best possible ways to keep your data secured and confidential as per your preference. For your help you can even get in touch with tech support providers and learn about the most appropriate ways to keep your data a hush-hush affair.
Let’s look into the possible ways to safe and secure data and PC security protection systems.
Antivirus and PC protection Programs:
Such losses are often, also a result of virus and malicious attacks. It further leads to data hacking. To add on to the misery, computer repair gets added to the list. Hence, using an adept Antivirus program for a PC is a mandate for a secure digital storage. Use the best and compatible Antivirus available and you can safeguard your PC from the wicked intruders.
External Hard Drive:
You can consult an Tech Support provider in this aspect to implement the best available data storage facility. One of the most common and popular method is to simply use an external hard drive for your laptop or desktop computer. Just keep a copy of your important data in your external hard drive from your normal data drive. This would help you maintain a spare storage device for your facts and figures such that it remains untraceable by the folks hacking into it through the internet access. But in case there is a fire breakout or burglary occurs, your external hard drive may be at risk along with your computer.
Online Storage Company:
Online Storage Company is one of the most effective alternatives in case of data storage. To keep a regular track of the existence of your data you can access it from anywhere through internet and fire break out is not at all a point of concern. The only two points of concerns are the monthly cost and the risk of online data hacking mishaps. These problems also apply to people that get a VPS.
Virtual Private Server:
A VPS or a virtual private server operates as a remote computer. The best part of it being the data protection aspect as well as operate software programs from it. It provides every user with a unique IP address, which one can put it to use when instead of the personal IP address. Hence, the unique IP address helps you to access to sites which doesn’t allow you to access using your personal IP.
Cloud Data Protection :
Yet another simple method to keep the valuable data of your enterprise protected under enterprise cloud storage solution. This helps you to access and recover your data and information through a simple and easy way. To add on to the advantage it is known that Offsite info security through enterprise online backup owes a simple and cheap set up process.
For more vivid and informative details on PC security and Data protection you can get your queries resolved by online tech experts or the technical support providers.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I protected my pc to blue screen and stop to shutdown unexpectedly

I am a teacher by profession and often need to prepare lesson plans over my laptop. I am a computer savvy and never faced challenge in accessing my system until few days back when my computer took hiccups and finally stopped messing my entire lesson plan. It was Windows Blue Screen that my system seemed to have encountered. After a restart I typed the whole lesson plan and before I could send it to the respective email addresses, the issue occurred again. Since then it popped up time and again in regular intervals flashing the error-code-0x000000D1. This BSOD doomed my lesson plan and my reputation as a prudent and punctual teacher.

I Googled to get hold of a perfect solution to get rid of this nagging BSOD error but to my awe! none of the measures worked. Initially, I thought restarting the system would solve the blue screen error but several restarts were all unworthy. Being fed up of this recurring issue I failed to understand the issue having least in depth computer knowledge. It seemed that my computer has encountered multiple issues. As I called for a Computer repair officer, he confused me all the more giving me a list of issues that my dear computer had already encountered. He repaired my system and took a handsome amount for his service. Though I felt the amount was unreasonable but had no option other than paying off. But after a day or two the issue started cropping up all over again.

This Windows 7 BSOD was really troubling me at this point of time. My system was donned up with various spyware application, when the issue but when the issue continued I deleted most of my new programs except for Symantec. Now I again started googling to find out the probable reason behind it and finally came to know about the Tech Support service provider iGennie. I dialed their toll free number and a fine and humble voice came to my rescue. I told them the actual issue that I was facing. I told him that often my system hangs up, showing a bsod error codes which notifies about a problem that was detected and that Windows was shutdown to protect the system, and at times flashes a blue screen error that says-“ error-code-0x000000D1 ”.

The guy initially explained me why do the bsod error codes generally crop up. According to him "Windows Blue Screen of Death", Bug error or Stop error, is quite a common issue that often comes up with Windows based systems. The symptom being a rapid system hang up chased by the blue coloring of the screen pixels further showing some alphanumeric message that tells you that your system has encountered a Blue Screen or BSOD. But the cause behind it may actually be quite complicated. The inherent reason may occur out of hardware, software or even driver failure. Hence a BSOD fix is a must.

I was actually amazed at the service the iGennie technical expert provided, he accessed my system remotely diagnosed the real issue and other internal tit bit issues and got the BSOD repaired and left my system more optimized than before. This he did in not more than 20 minutes. I was really impressed. From the adept technician I came to know that the technical experts of iGennie are available 24/7 and 365 days. They have an array of well trained and technical experts highly equipped to deal with any kind of minor and major issues and provide apt computer repair services. They not only diagnose the root cause of the issue but also provide swift and prompt fixing services accordingly.

I was so impressed with their efficient tech services that I recommend their services to my friends and acquaintances. Now the BSOD issue never reappeared since then. Their tuning up my computer has let me enjoy a real fast and swift and hassle free computing experience like never before. I could retain my previous image of being punctual and prompt in my services as with the iGennie tech experts. So, my piece of advice would be - any problem, just call the tech magicians of iGennie and find your issues disappearing.

Find the Best Windows Driver Backup and Restore

Windows Drivers are an inevitable part and thus an important requisition for a smoothly operating Windows XP computer. But, Windows Driver Update if done regularly offers a much better computing experience through prudent signal communication to the system. To install such important drivers and driver updates, an effective Technical Support is necessary. But often only good installation is not enough because, Windows driver updates are needed from time to time. More over issues like the driver program storage device like CD or DVDs may get misplaced or the storage file in the computer gets corrupted.

Role of Online tech support services:

Issues can be many and so are the solutions. At times it may even happen that the manufacturing site stops delivering the support for the hardware. If you are worried about losing the driver backup, various tech support services can be of immense help. Online Support service providers offer best advice to select among the best back up instruments such as software devices that store the installed drivers meant for various devices, and Windows Drivers. Its better safe than never so a proper back-up for the drivers is always the best option.

Importance of backing up Windows drivers:

One should not ignore the importance of backing up the PC data which can be effectively stored both online or offline. In case you are unaware of the gravity of data backup, one should take it to be a compulsion to backup your Windows drivers at any rate. In any condition if a Driver gets deleted by mistake or gets corrupted, it can be easily and effectively restored from the backup.

A customer might be baffled at the widely available multiple backup alternatives; just a call to the online Technical Support providers can solve the puzzle. They can guide you to effectively identify and help you to pick the best Windows XP driver backup among the list of products and get your Windows XP driver updated with time. For hassle free operation drivers are essential and so is the importance of backup and restoration program for the drivers.

Windows Driver backup software and other options:

One of the most conveniently available and amongst the most efficient back up application is the Windows Driver backup software that effectively facilitates you to copy, backup and mines out the computer hardware device drivers as per your requirement. Once the driver application is lost or damaged, procedures to acquire back the application becomes utterly necessary. Do not hesitate to avail the technical phone support services necessary for any hardware and Windows drivers regarding their backup and restoration.

Listed below, are a few of the Windows driver back up instruments:

• Double Driver

• Slim Drivers

• Driver Max

• Driver Backup!

• Driver Magician Lite

• Driver Grabber

• Driver Collector

• Backup Drivers

These programs are adept in backing-up drivers, and restore them. Though, few among them may lack the ability to restore, but their back-up procedure proves to be effective. It is often a hassle to restore Windows drivers manually, hence it is preferable to opt for programs which not only aids in backing up but also restore the drivers from that back-up.

If you are still at a dilemma, dial the technical support phone number of iGennie online services. The technical experts can diagnose your driver issues if any, run Windows XP driver updates and help you restore missing drivers through the most effective method available. With the help and suggestions of the tech professionals you can even back-up drivers using numerous software applications. The benefit of using multiple back-up software is that if one program fails to restore the drivers, or even misses some drivers, the other ones may continue to extract the required Windows drivers.