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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did your mailbox deliver only SPAM emails?

Most of the e-mail account holders are fed-up of the regularly overflowing SPAM mails in your mailbox. The viruses camouflage as spam mails and take a cozy place in the inbox looking for loopholes to enter and spread in your system. Hence, a Spam protection program is required to stop the Spam from trespassing. Spam gushes in and engulfs the Internet with messages that are often duplicates of each other and dominate with their increasing population and tempt people to peep into the content. The spam messages generally consist of commercial advertisements of fake products often very lucrative for common man. For example, ‘Get easy money’, ‘you are rich now’, ‘You have won a lottery’, ‘You are offered a job and a handsome salary’ and many such mails that give the impression of being money-spinning. These messages are sent at heaps as the sender has to spare just a few pennies but on the contrary the recipients or the message carriers bear the maximum expense.
The subtle impact of Spam is a concern and has to bear a considerable expense and implement means to keep the Spam in control. The Email Spam spurs through direct mail messages and is designed to create impact on individual users. Various anti spam protection programs are brought to use to block undue entrance of spam messages. Spam adversely affects the computer. An adept protection from spam should be implemented because phishers victimize computer users through scams and consequently result in identity theft. Spam can carry viruses that will infect your computer. Mail spam protection is a necessity also because spam controls over the bandwidth, thereby leaving you wretched as you can hardly receive the genuine emails you would prefer to read. You can always go for tech support services to do away with your spam mails by letting them install and run the spam protection programs. Few easy steps can save you from falling prey to spam messages:
1. Run and install spam filtering/blocking software:
Anti-spam protection software or programs scrutinizes the incoming emails and sieves out the spam from genuine messages. The filtering software applications are developed in such a way that it efficiently recognizes and spots spam, or odious emails, and stop them before they can trespass your inbox. Email filters may not be 100% effective, but it can be an efficient mode of defense if you can, frequently review the junk or spam folder and delete messages.
2. Avoid answering susceptible mails:
It is suggested for protection from spam, a message that looks susceptible and embodies the traits of a spam, should not be entertained, rather should be just discarded or deleted. Do not click on or open any attachments or links as your response only provides them with the details of your email address which can prove to be malicious.
3. Create complex email names and also create a disposable email address:
Do not use common names or easily traceable names which can be easily tracked by the advanced programs designed by the evil minds to grab your personal details. As an anti-spam protection method, use numbers, letters and special characters in the email addresses to make it complicated and hence, difficult to crack. Also create a secondary -- or disposable -- email address or a free web email account meant for public exposure. Use this Email address while registering to any web services or subscribing for online newsletters.
4. Prefer viewing in plain text and Report spam:
This step can be an aid in avoiding the flood of spam mails, select the ‘main menu’ of your email program, then select ‘Preferences’ and finally choose ‘read emails in plain text’. In case you are regularly receiving spam from a particular sender, take a note of the ISP of the spammer and report spam to prohibit it from further entry and even the spammer’s account may be terminated. Yet another alternative to it is lodge a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
5. Avoid posting links to email addresses on web sites:
Spammers have advance weapons like spam bots or web spiders that spots email addresses on web pages. In order to discharge their power, do not display the entire email address on any web site. You can rather display the email addresses in the form of images other than text or make use of contact forms.
In case you face any issue in implementing the above methods just get in touch with the Tech Support providers and get their suggestions and help in keeping your inbox spick and span. In spite of spam being illegal and illegitimate, still such redundant emails continue to heap up adding to the miseries of online users. You can go for the computer repair service providers to guide you through the process of safeguarding your computer from virus and spam attacks.

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