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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My browser put me in a big loss.

I received a discount coupon for 5 people to spend Christmas and New Year vacation on a cruise, it was all together a week holiday on cruise, how exiting was it. I shared the same with my friend and the fun tour was decided. I was supposed to book the tickets for everyone and it was the last day for me to avail the discount other was it would expire. I was working on my laptop and trying to book the tickets. I experienced a strange think when ever I used to submit my details, the curser would turn in to a wheel and gives “page could not be displayed” screen. I tried for 3 times and every time the same message, I got pissed off. I went to my neighbor house and tried to book the tickets and it worked at the first go. I checked the account balance and the transactions of my credit card, this was shocking I was charged 4 times for the ticket. I started the recovery action and called my credit card company. I explained them the situation and everything that happened. They helped me out and canceled my first 3 transactions.

Well I was able to recover my money back but one question was still hitting in my mind, with the same ISP connection and windows operating system as my neighbor why I was not able to do the same. I called up my ISP people and complained the same, they checked the bandwidth flow till my modem and gave me a green light. I tried to research on the issue and got connected to iGennie. They took the control of my computer and diagnose the issue. It was due to some corrupt add-in and junk files in the temporary internet folder which was making the process slow and due to which it use to get time out and “page could not be displayed”. Finally I came to know the reason and I was able to recover my money. My vacation would have never been so pleasant if those transactions would have not been reverted and thanks to iGennie who explained me everything. Now I am a registered customer with iGennie and they are always their for my support with the computers.

For details contact
1-888-738-7728 Toll Free

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