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Saturday, July 16, 2011

iGennie Tech Support Review.

 Having trouble in computer is a common problem. Sometimes the errors are too complicated to be rectified on self. Once in a while, you will require assistance from a tech support. There are many IT tech support in the market, but choosing a one with good tech support services is difficult. Sometimes, they are unable to understand and rectify your problem and sometimes, the behavior of the executives makes the trouble. I mean to say that it is very tough to find a tech support with good service and behavior. Recently, I had an encounter with a tech support executive at iGennie. I had a conversation with him for about half an hour, and truly speaking, it was a great experience.
 I had a problem in my laptop, my system had slowed down and most of the programs were not running properly. I thought it was due to overloading of memory, and ran a disc cleaner. The problem was solved for some time. But after a few days, the problem started again. This time in a more fierceful way and later on crashed my system. I had no other option than to call a tech support for my aid. I had found the name of iGennie tech support for Microsoft somewhere on a magazine few days back, so I called at their tech support number. An executive came to my assistance. I was very neutral while answering to his primary questions regarding my issue. But gradually with the humbleness and patience with which the tech guy listened to my problem, I lost all my temper and anxiety and became comfortable. The computer support services provided by the pc technical support should be supportive and clear to the customer, so that the customer can get the exact solution for his problems. But communicating with customers with patience and humility is not that easy, as most of the executives get annoyed sometimes and become rough. They should understand that customers are not experts like them (therefore they need assistance), some of them are unable to even put up their exact problem. But it’s the tech executive’s responsibility to deal with the customer in a humble way and try to understand and resolve their issues.
 At iGennie, I found that they have different executives for different issues, as my issue was dealt by the windows technical support executive. The executive got involved with my issue like it was his own problem and asked my permission to access my laptop remotely. With my permission, he took control of my laptop and within 15-20 minutes, rectified the issue. He then informed me that it was due to some major infection caused by some malicious programs. Hence, he suggested me antivirus and installed it for me. After finishing, he assured me that the problem will not persist again. And till this time, I have no further issues with my laptop. Then I went through their website and found that apart from the phone support, iGennie also provide online tech support and remote support 24/7 x 365 days. For online customers, they also offer the email tech support, where the customers can mail to the executives and seek help. Apart from this, they have an annual PC support service plan for just $ 109.99, wherein they provide all kinds of computer support services. Not only this, they also provide help and support for other accessories like Digital cameras, Printers, Scanners, Mp3 players, etc.
 In short, it is a one stop solution for all your computer problems, a place where you can get the best customer services.

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