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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flash Player is most widely distributed piece of software on the web.

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Flash has become synonymous with animation on the Internet. It's even possible that It is now the most widely distributed piece of software on the Internet-ahead of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Real Player. In 2001, Flash was through five versions at Macromedia-and it still has much of the code that was written for pen computers. The latest version of the player which is used now is the Flash player 10.1. It has become most distributed software on the internet for watching videos online. This has become common add-in with all the Internet browsers. Flash player initial was called as Macromedia Flash Player but now it’s known as Adobe Flash player. It has been acquired by Adobe Systems.
Flash Video is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player. It runs as a browser plug-in, it is possible to embed Flash Video in web pages and view the video within a web browser. It has support for a scripting language called Action Script, which can be used to display Flash Video from an SWF file. It is a type of media player that is used for playing Flash video from PC as well as from Internet websites.
It is available as free software on the Internet.  There is player for every Operating System may it be Macintosh or Microsoft Windows. However the installation differs from browser to browser, with Internet explorer it installs Active X first and then installs the flv player. It has a limitation also that it does not work with the 64 bit Internet explorer. Many user are not aware about it and they face problem because of that, waste hell lot of time in installing it. It happens with 64 bit windows operating system. For further help on installation and troubleshooting of flash player speak to a tech expert. It is compatible with all the browsers, may it Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. User can download Flash player from  and install the same.
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